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Rocky Beach umbrella in Anouk's garden

Rocky Beach gestipte franje parasol met cheetah print in tuin met maatwerk houten tuinmeubels

January 14, 2023

How to combine a playful, light parasol with sturdy wooden garden furniture.

Anouk has a super cool garden with many robust wooden finishes, in which she nicely styled our Rocky Beach vintage parasol. The result is a nice contrast between the light, playful fringe parasol and the atmospheric wooden items! The combination with olive trees completes the picture, because it enhances the holiday feeling in the garden. That way you can create a Mediterranean summer in your own garden.

It comes as no surprise that Anouk's garden is beautiful when you know that she delivers all kinds of custom wooden projects with her company You can see that in her own garden. She also shares a lot of inspiration for inside and outside on her Instagram, for everyone who really likes a modern, country style!

Do you also want a wonderful holiday atmosphere in your own backyard? View our parasols here.

Zwart-wit gestipte parasol met katoenen franjes en houten stok in tuin met maatwerk barnwood en olijfbomen.Houten, stoere tuinmeubels met vintage stijl parasol in een cheetah printje en groene styling in de tuin

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