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Parasol bucket list

Pearly White vintage parasol tijdens zonsondergang bij strandclub Tulum Tulum in Noordwijk

January 14, 2023

Things you must do at least once in your life: parasol edition!

1. Enjoying a sunset

Okay, not all sunsets are equally beautiful… but if you have a nice one, you should of course be able to shoot a photo for your Insta. Then, for example, our Pearly White Umbrella completes the picture! That pink-orange-red glow and that creamy white, ahhh! Ultimate enjoyment, if you ask us!

2. Drinks with friends

There is nothing more fun than a summer afternoon that silently turns into a slumbering beach evening, where you celebrate life with friends and enjoy carefree. But shielded from the bright sun and wind, such a day is even more successful, and you'll look hip too!

3. Own one!

Just having a nice parasol in your possession is already life goals, right? Whether it's a cool black one or a playful Gypsy Sun one, doesn't really matter!

View our vintage parasols here.

Gypsy Sun vintage parasol in draagtas op het strandBorrelen onder de Jungle Bay vintage parasol op het strand

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