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3 reasons to send an old-fashioned postcard

Hippiefish kaarten

January 14, 2023

Well first of all, why not? Handwritten cards have been replaced by texts and DMs. Such a shame!

Hand-written postcards used to be the most normal thing in the world, but have been replaced by quick texts and DM's in the modern world. Such a shame, since there is nothing more exciting than sending a hand-written card!

1. Make someone else happy!

How often do you receive a handwritten card in your mailbox? Probably no more than a few at Christmas or if you are lucky you might also get one from your travel-loving grandmother in the summer. Yet it is such a wonderful feeling to see your name, handwritten, on an envelope among the bills and advertisements. Give someone you care about this moment of happiness – send them a handwritten card!

2. Also functions as wall art!

These cards often lay around on a side table next to your front door for two weeks and then disappears together with the paper recycling. Well they wouldn't, if the card was as beautiful as our postcards which are hand designed by Ugla Studio with Indian ink and then printed on luxury paper. They are a joy to receive and can be proudly framed on the wall! Or if you don't have the best handwriting and haven't had any stamps in your possession for years, you can of course just hang them on the wall yourself, instead of sending them!

3. Affordable Romance!

Maintain beautiful traditions and support a small business in a budget-proof way. For centuries cards have been sent on birthdays, Christmas or other memorable occasions and for good reason. It's an affordable way to make a nice gesture and make life just that little bit more fun and playful. For extra impact, you can simply send a card 'just because'.

Click here to see our set of post cards.

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